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A patient repositioning device that simultaneously ensures patient and staff safety.

Designed and developed by clinicians and engineers through the biomedical engineering and nursing schools at Duke University, our innovative inflatable patient turning device boosts and repositions patients at the push of a button. The EasyShift™ solution is a mattress overlay that works with leading hospital beds and mattresses to improve patient outcomes, limit staff injury and manage financial outcomes.

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One EasyShift unit can save hundreds of nursing hours per year.

Prevent Staff Injury

  • Virtually eliminates the two leading causes of caregiver back strain in the hospital (boosting and turning)
  • Integrates with other mobility devices – easily turn a patient of size to place a sling or transfer pad
  • Pre-installed on the existing bed and mattress – always available when needed by the caregiver

Ensure Patient Safety

  • Makes it easier for nursing staff to turn patients frequently to manage pressure injuries
  • Makes it easier for nursing staff to boost patients up in bed frequently to manage respiratory complications
  • Gentle, continuous inflation process protects patients with compromised skin by reducing rapid shear forces that can occur during manual repositioning

Reduce Financial Liability

  • Reduce worker’s compensation payout
  • Reduce time off work due to back injury
  • Retain nursing staff
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Reduce payment penalties due to patient hospital-acquired skin injury

Pressure Injury and Skin Abrasion Prevention

2.5 million

patients per year develop a PI

$20k – $151k

increased patient care cost per PI

4.31 days

increased length of stay due to PI

17,000 lawsuits

per year directly related to PIs

Micro-Turning in 10 seconds

Even small, frequent changes to the positioning of an immobile patient are beneficial for preventing skin breakdown. With EasyShift, 5 – 10 seconds of “micro-turning” can be integrated into a caregiver’s workflow without calling other staff for assistance. This relieves pressure on bony prominences to improve patient comfort and reduce the risk of pressure injuries.

Maintain Patient Posture in Bed

EasyShift makes it easy to frequently boost patients to maintain 30° elevation. This helps reduce aspiration and reflux for respiratory patients.

Management of Quality Indicators

EasyShift Repositioning System: U.S. Patent Pending 17/432,786