Pressure Injury Prevention

2.5 million

patients per year develop a PI

$20k – $151k

increased patient care cost per PI

4.31 days

increased length of stay due to PI

17,000 lawsuits

per year directly related to PIs

Elevate Respiratory Patients

EasyShift makes it easy to frequently boost patients to maintain 30° elevation. This helps reduce aspiration and reflux for respiratory patients.

Reduce Risk of Skin Abrasions

For patients with sensitive or damaged skin, EasyShift reduces rapid shear forces during movement which can cause skin abrasions, especially on the coccyx and heels.

Save Time for Caregivers

To boost and turn a patient of size, gathering a lift team often takes 10 minutes, and the repositioning itself takes 3 minutes for 4 staff (12 minutes), for a total of 22 minutes.

With EasyShift, one caregiver can boost and turn a patient of size in 6 minutes, and there is no need to wait for a lift team. This saves up to 16 minutes per repositioning. At 12 repositionings per day and total labor cost of $40 per hour, this generates $40,000 in annual time value per EasyShift unit.